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Hot Toys' Arkham Knight Batman Will Keep Video Game Gotham Safe
No matter where you stand on the quality of Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham video games, the developer's version of Gotham was undeniably stylish. The mixture of real-world and fantastical elements to craft a Gotham and Batman that were familiar and new all at once was a delicate balance to strike. The aesthetic really hit its stride in the final installment, Arkham Knight, which ramped everything up to eleven including the Bat-suit. Now, Hot Toys has rendered its interpretation of Rocksteady's Batman, and it's a sight to behold.
Fantastic Five: Best Comic Book Video Games
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years on the Internet, it’s that there’s no aspect of comics that can’t be broken down and quantified in a single definitive list, preferably in amounts of five or ten. And since there’s no more definitive authority than ComicsAlliance, we’re taking it upon ourselves to compile Top Five lists of everything you could ever want to know about comics. This week, we're casting our gaze at the greatest quarter-munching, joystick-waggling, button-mashing comic book video games.
E3 2016: Batman Arkham VR Preview
Just about every kid has a dream of one day being a superhero. It's not something that's actually practical, but it's a noble ideal to think you could be saving the world and standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Batman. While video games have given us ample opportunities to somewhat play out those fantasies, there's still enough of a disconnect between the real world and the gaming world that it doesn't quite scratch that childhood itch.
Start Saving Your Money for This Arkham Knight Two-Face Statue
I'll give Prime 1 Studio credit. They are going all in on the Batman: Arkham Knight goods, and if you're a fan of that game and Rocksteady's designs for the Batman Universe, Prime 1 is leaving no stones unturned. DC Collectibles' efforts in the Arkham game arena were solid, but by working at such a large scale, Prime 1 is able to capture detail and likeness that you just can't get with smaller, more consumer friendly products. I mean, where else would you be able to get a statue of Harvey Dent where you could practically taste the rotten flesh and smell the burnt clothing of his Arkham universe incarnation. We've seen a lot of gnarly Two-Face figures and collectibles over the years, but this statue takes things to a whole new level of disgustingly cool detail.
Bust Open the Wayne Trust Fund to Bring Home Prime 1's Batmobile
There have been a number of Batmobiles over the years, but those that have had arguably the biggest pop culture impact have been the cars in the Bat-garage of the televised '60s, the cinematic late '80s, and the animated '90s. Batman's cars have come and gone in the comics, but the one model nearly everyone remembers most is that from the Dark Knight Returns. More tank than car, the hulking monstrosity is part of one of DKR's more memorable sequences, and cuts an absolutely ridiculous silhouette. Though you could argue it at least partially inspired the Tumblr from the Christopher Nola Bat-films, the futuristic Batmobile definitely proved to be the basis for the version in Batman: Arkham Knight.
Bluefin Announces 'Batman V Superman', 'Arkham Knight' Statues
Japanese import company Bluefin has announced a line of high-end statues based on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice from Iron Studios, and a Batman statue based on his appearance in the Arkham Knight video game, as part of its new deal as the exclusive North American distributor for the Brazilian collectibles studio.
Mad Love: The Best Harley Quinn Fan Art Ever
Everyone loves Harley Quinn. Honestly. Try to find me someone who’s even passingly familiar with her that doesn’t think she’s a great character. There’s just no two ways about it, tip to toe, Harley Quinn is a character people love. In fact, she’s several characters people love, because every new iteration of her that comes along immediately finds a fanbase that’s as devoted to her as she is to the Joker or Poison Ivy (depending on what you’re reading/watching/shipping). Whether it be the original version from Batman: The Animated Series, the more extreme version of the New 52 (or the later, slightly more traditional version from the New 52), the “edgy” version from the Arkham Asylum series of Batman video games, or even the version from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. The art we’ve collected here stands as proof that Harley fans are ready to show their love by spending their precious time making endless artistic examples of their devotion.
Prime 1 Studio Tackling Batman Beyond for Next Arkham Knight Statue
If you thought Prime 1 Studio's Batman: Arkham Knight line was moving onto villains after the announcement of the Harley Quinn, you'll be be glad to hear there are more Batmen on the way. Well, at least one more Batman... one beyond your wildest dreams. Do you get it? Batman? Beyond? A Batman... beyond? I'm talking about Batman Beyond. The Japanese company announced the Batman: Arkham Knight Batman Beyond version as the next statue in its growing series with a teaser picture on its Instagram. As Batman Beyond is the best alternate future Batman, this is of great interest to me. Though there have been a number of Batman Beyond figures released in recent years through the Batman Unlimited toy set and the occasional Mattel Multiverse figure, we've never really gotten a truly spectacle like this statue before. It's going to be expensive as hell, but it's really something else.
Harley Quinn Steps Up to Bat in New 'Batman: Arkham Knight' Statue
Do you really like the Batman: Arkham game series? Do you have a lot of expendable income? Are the various mantels above the many fireplaces in your palatial estate sorely lacking for decoration? Prime 1 Studio just might be the "interior designer" you've been looking for. To this point, the Japanese company has released a handful of Batman: Arkham statues and busts, fleshing out the roster of heroes and villains lucky enough to get the Prime 1 treatment. Okay, mostly it's just been Batman, but there's also an Arkham Knight and a Deathstroke, too. Today, the high-end collectible-maker expanded its catalog to include the one and only mistress of mayhem herself, Harley Quinn. Based on her appearance in Batman: Arkham Knight, the new Harley Quinn statue packs a lot of Gothic Lolita gangster moll into just 29 inches. Though the Arkham versions of Harley Quinn have been hit or miss in their design, this incarnation is actually one of the better looks the character's seen. Regardless of your opinion of the costuming, you can't deny how well Prime 1's brought the look and character to life. There's even a bit of mixed-media with her ruffled skirt to make sure it's got the right look. A sculpted version of that portion of the dress would have ended up looking like a lumpy mess, as many of the smaller-scale action figures of Harley from this game can attest.
Prime 1 Studio Busts Out a Batman: Arkham Knight, Uh, Bust
I think I'm starting to understand where Bruce Wayne gets all his money. I mean, the guy clearly licenses out his and Batman's likenesses to every company on the planet, and the fees he must recoup on return are clearly significant. Surely Wayne Enterprises can't still be making money after all these years of secretly funding Batman's war on crime. I mean, it was mildly feasible back in the early going when it was just Bruce rolling around Gotham. But now with all those subsidiaries and dependents running around the globe, it's hard to imagine anything Wayne Enterprises develops making as much money as birthday hats, cake pans, cookie cutters, wall paper, toothbrushes, video games, action figures and statues. I mean, we have to be serious about this for one minute. If all you do is military research and development projects you never let the military actually have, that money is going to dry up eventually. Probably. Then again, there are an awful lot of projects developed that never do see the light of day in practical applications, but those companies still keep cashing checks. I suppose though many of those manufacturers show the armed forces at least something to keep them dragging along. Batman just locks it up in a cave where only he and his butler can touch it. I guess that's why we see so many collectibles bearing his likeness, like this new bust from Prime 1 Studios.

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