If you thought Prime 1 Studio's Batman: Arkham Knight line was moving onto villains after the announcement of the Harley Quinn, you'll be be glad to hear there are more Batmen on the way. Well, at least one more Batman... one beyond your wildest dreams. Do you get it? Batman? Beyond? A Batman... beyond? I'm talking about Batman Beyond.

The Japanese company announced the Batman: Arkham Knight Batman Beyond version as the next statue in its growing series with a teaser picture on its Instagram. As Batman Beyond is the best alternate future Batman, this is of great interest to me. Though there have been a number of Batman Beyond figures released in recent years through the Batman Unlimited toy set and the occasional Mattel Multiverse figure, we've never really gotten a truly spectacle like this statue before. It's going to be expensive as hell, but it's really something else.

Though Prime 1 hasn't shared any more official pictures or details just yet, the company did post several images of the piece from its Wonder Fest Winter showing on its Facebook. There will be two portraits with the piece, one that features an open cowl and another that adds a bit of extra armor to Batman's jaw. Not that it looks like he'll need it. Dude is armored up. The Arkham Knight version doesn't stick entirely to the original concept of Terry's sleeker uniform, but does interpret it through the Rocksteady filter.

It takes a little getting used to, but hyper-armored suit actually looks fairly realistic. There are a billion* tiny details to absorb, and you can get a much better sense of the character design here than you could from the in-game model. It's also got a killer base, that brings a bit of Batman Beyond's futuristic Gotham to the world of Arkham Knight. I'm eager to see what the other accessorization options are going to be, given that Prime 1 has offered numerous add-ons for its previous statues.

The only thing that really kills me is the eventual ~$1000 price. I get that statues aren't cheap to manufacture, and especially those at this size and scale. I can only hope that one day smaller (and cheaper) versions are offered so I can add something this shway to my own collection without taking out a second mortgage.

*Estimate may not be entirely accurate.


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