I think I'm starting to understand where Bruce Wayne gets all his money. I mean, the guy clearly licenses out his and Batman's likenesses to every company on the planet, and the fees he must recoup on return are clearly significant. Surely Wayne Enterprises can't still be making money after all these years of secretly funding Batman's war on crime. It was mildly feasible back in the early going when it was just Bruce rolling around Gotham. But now with all those subsidiaries and dependents running around the globe, it's hard to imagine anything Wayne Enterprises develops making as much money as birthday hats, cake pans, cookie cutters, wall paper, toothbrushes, video games, action figures and statues.

I mean, we have to be serious about this for one minute. If all you do is military research and development projects you never let the military actually have, that money is going to dry up eventually. Probably. Then again, there are an awful lot of projects developed that never do see the light of day in practical applications, but those companies still keep cashing checks. I suppose though many of those manufacturers show the armed forces at least something to keep them dragging along. Batman just locks it up in a cave where only he and his butler can touch it. I guess that's why we see so many collectibles bearing his likeness, like this new bust from Prime 1 Studios.

Prime 1 has been pumping out Batman: Arkham pieces for the last year or so, including statues from Arkham Knight and Arkham Origins. While expensive as all get out, the pieces have been incredibly detailed and well done. They've also been gigantic. At 34", the Arkham Knight Batman is one of the largest collectibles from the game, and it's easy to imagine just how difficult it might be to find a spot for it in your collection. Fortunately, for those of us with less expendable income and a smaller display area, Prime 1's announced a new bust version of its marquee model.

The Arkham Knight Batman bust looks like it's been cut from the same mold as the 1/3 statue, as it's almost identical to that larger version in every way, save for the lack of a full body. There will be three different portraits to swap in and out, including a normal cowl, an angry cowl, and a completely unmasked Bruce. All three are also compatible with the full-size statue that's already on the way to retail, if you happened to have a mortgage payment to drop on both versions of Batman.

The Batman: Arkham Knight Batman bust will have a run of 2000 pieces at $229 each. No pre-order details beyond that have been shared just yet, but it should be cropping up in the usual places very soon.


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