If you were wondering why there wasn't an armored Batman in Funko's recent deluge of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice collectibles, today we got the answer. Though it's been in the works for some time, Funko has only just now unveiled its DC Comics subscription service, Legion of Collectors. The very first exclusive figure included will be the armored Batman from the upcoming Warner Bros. feature film, which makes perfect sense given that the bi-monthly box will launch in March alongside that movie he stole from Superman.

The Legion of Collectors borrows a bit of its name from DC's spacefaring superteam of the future, but considering the Legion's presence in the current DC catalog, it's unlikely we'll see a Matter-Eater Lad or Saturn Girl Pop figure any time soon. This is the third subscription service from Funko launched in the last year or so, with Marvel and Star Wars leading the charge into Funko's direct-to-consumer sales. Like those other two subscriptions, everything included will be 100% exclusive. It also gives people who've subscribed to all three a new box of Funko goods every month of the year.

The good news is there's plenty of fresh material to mine for exclusive goods. The Marvel Collector Corps has shown there's enough going on in a given year to more than fill out the contents of a bi-monthly subscription box. We're only one box in on the Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty, and while it was a rough start, there's so much Star Wars for Funko to expand upon, I'm optimistic about the future. Of course, the Marvel and the DC boxes have big comic events to fill out the gaps between films that Star Wars doesn't. Funko's also had two different services launch to work out the potential kinks for DC's box.

Each Legion of Collectors box will include a Pop figure, apparel of some sort (usually a t-shirt), and other smaller accessories including pins and patches. A single box will cost $25, with a year's subscription running you $150. You can check out more details and subscribe over on the official Legion of Collectors website.


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