Marvel Collector Corps

Marvel Collector Corps Women of Power Unboxing
This month, the ladies of the Marvel Universe take center stage in the Marvel Collector Corps subscription box from Funko. It only took eight boxes to do it. I kid, I kid. Mostly. With the exception of Jane Foster's Thor in the Secret Wars box, we've been absent the likes of Marvel's biggest names on the female side of the company's roster. The contents of this box were certainly worth the wait however, as Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and Squirrel Girl all get some nice new merchandise. Why it took a special box for any of them to appear is something only Funko and Marvel know, but they're here now, so let's take a look inside this month's crate.
Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Unboxing
I'll admit, I actually forgot the Marvel Collector Corps was doing a box on Captain America: Civil War once the Women of Power box for June was announced. I just looked right past this month and was eagerly anticipating June's box and the promise of Spider-Gwen, She-Hulk and Squirrel Girl having some kind of representation inside. So imagine my surprise when this little box of Captain America goodness was dropped on my doorstep.
Marvel Collector Corps Deadpool Unboxing
Deadpool is kind of a big deal; I don't know if you've heard. He's got 127 monthly comics, a smash-hit movie, his face is all over clothes, he's got dozens of action figures, and hell, there's even a petition to have this fictional character (that isn't at all a real person) host an actual, live television variety show. That's just the power of the 'pool, baby. You can't stop this crazy train because it's already off the rails. Funko selecting Wade Wilson to be the focal point of its latest Marvel Collector Corp box just in time to release alongside the mercenary's big screen splash was thus, a foregone conclusion. Following up the Guardians of the Galaxy box with a character as massively popular as Deadpool could also serve to get Funko back in the good graces of its subscribers. Provided its contents were strong that is.
Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps' Guardians of the Galaxy Box
After the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy film, Marvel's gone all in on its spacefaring adventurers. Where once the group was lucky to have one book being published, you can now find various titles starring the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy in print, including multiple team books and solo books. It's quite a time to be a fan of Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Gamorra and Drax. Even with that in mind, it was a bit of a surprise to learn that the final box of 2015 for the Marvel Collector Corps would focus on the intergalactic squad of misfits. Funko's usually found a way to tie its boxes to major comic events or film releases, but both the previous box (Villains) and this latest one have spun out from their own little worlds, independent of Marvels grand publishing and cinematic plans.
Bad Guys Get Time to Shine in the New Marvel Collector Corps Box
The fourth of five planned Marvel Collector Corps subscription boxes arrived this week, and this time Funko's diverted attention away from the goodie-two-shoes of the Marvel U for once. The Villains box is the first to arrive with such a broad theme, but even though Marvel's got a steady stream of movies and events constantly happening, Funko was eventually going to have to step outside the existing comfort zone created in the Collector Corps. While the Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron boxes were nice, there's a lot more to Marvel than just its movie brands. The last box, which was inspired by the Secret Wars comic and event, was a promising glimpse into the future that Villains maintains, even if it doesn't exceed expectations. The broad vision for the Villains box may just have been its undoing, as there is strong variation in this box, but it's a lack of laser-focus leaves it ending up a mixed bag.
Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps' Secret Wars Box
I was skeptical about the mystery contents of this month's box when Secret Wars was announced as the inspiration. Basing a collectible delivery around an untested crossover event with little knowledge as to how the storyline would be received seemed risky. Additionally, where the films reach a massive audience globally, we all know comic books themselves top out in the hundreds of thousands in sales. Depending which sales source you believe, Secret Wars has been the most popular book for the past few months, but even still, that concept hasn't reached as wide a consumer base as Age of Ultron or Ant-Man. As the first box in Funko's Marvel Collector Corps to not be based on a film property, no one really had any idea what to expect from the Secret Wars box. To be fair, there have only been two boxes in the subscription service so far, with both having arrived at the same time as one of Marvel's cinematic escapades. There won't always be a movie to base one of these themed boxes around, but if the Secret Wars box is any indication, that won't be a problem for Funko.
Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps' Ant-Man Box
This month, the second themed box of goodies from Funko's Marvel Collector Corps is shipping out. Focused solely on upcoming underdog hero (not just in persona, but potentially at the box office as well), the Ant-Man box brings more of the tried and true Funko flavor to your home. I was a bit skeptical about this month's shipment, just as I'm skeptical about the strength of the Ant-Man feature film. I have no real allegiance to the character, but the mysterious nature of the Collector Corps schedule (boxes are revealed slowly throughout the year) means I'm subject to the possibility of a box full of goods that I may not be all that excited about.
Unboxing Ultron With Funko's Marvel Collector Corps
Announced earlier this year, Funko's Marvel Collector Corps is the latest subscription box service aimed directly at nerd culture. The bi-monthly service offers a handful of unique collectibles and goodies themed around a specific corner of the Marvel Universe, with the first box focused on Avengers: Age of Ultron. Our box arrived this week, and we cracked it open to see if Funko's efforts could stand out in a marketplace already feeling quite full.
Funko, Marvel Team for New Collector Corps Subscription Box
Seems like you can't check the internet these days without a new monthly mystery box subscription being announced. From geeky flavored subscriptions like Loot Crate and Nerdblock, to lifestyle selections like Birchbox and The Gentleman's Box, there's something for everyone. Typically filled with a random assortment of goodies based around a theme, these boxes have offered subscribers a way to try new things without spending too much cash. However, we've rarely seen a single brand put out a box based solely on its own goods. That's where Funko's and Marvel's new Collector Corps hopes to stand out.