I'll admit, I actually forgot the Marvel Collector Corps was doing a box on Captain America: Civil War once the Women of Power box for June was announced. I just looked right past this month and was eagerly anticipating June's box and the promise of Spider-Gwen, She-Hulk and Squirrel Girl having some kind of representation inside. So imagine my surprise when this little box of Captain America goodness was dropped on my doorstep.

I'm a Captain America mark. Big fan of the red, white and blue hero, no matter who's been under the cowl. This box is based on the movie version however, and Chris Evans' Steve Rogers gets a 10/10, would grab left pecs while eating Doritos again. Unfortunately for all of us, there is no Chris Evans in the box, but there is a wee little Pop version of the star-spangled crusader included in a two-pack that pits him against his former friend, the egomaniac Tony Stark. Boo, Tony Stark. Boo.


Funko Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Pop 2-Pack


I do like the action pose Pops, as they provide a distinctly different feel from the standard variations that have built the bulk of Funko's franchise line. Splitting them up makes Captain America's posing a little awkward, but Iron Man functions perfectly fine with or without Cap nearby. The sculpting is solid, and the paint apps are nice. I would have liked Cap's uniform to be a two or three shades darker to give him a deeper contrast to Iron Man's shininess, but both figures came out well enough.

Interestingly, Funko is now including a little behind-the-scenes card along with the Marvel Collector Corps box. With that, you get a little bit of insight into the creation process behind each tailored subscription box, which is always something I found fascinating. The Cap and Iron Man Pops weren't even originally supposed to be part of this month's subscription, but were added in when plans to introduce an all-new product fell by the wayside. Funko doesn't detail what this new product may have been, as it's still in development, but it wasn't going to be ready in time for the boxes to ship.

There's also some process art of the creation for the Black Panther #1 variant cover, which inexplicably would have included Iron Man versus Captain America. Fortunately somewhere along the way, someone recognized how ill-advised it would have been to remove Marvel's biggest black hero from the cover of his own, highly touted new comic series. It's also great that Marvel is getting this book in more hands as a result of the Collector Corps because it's smart, beautifully rendered, and worth every last ounce of hype behind it.


Funko Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Dorbz Iron Man


The requisite pin, patch and lanyard are here again, though by this point, it may be time to forego lanyards for the rest of time. Nobody has that many keys, badges or identification cards to possibly have made use of all the lanyards accumulated through Funko's subscription service. You'll also find a t-shirt inside featuring Funko-fied versions of the Civil War cast readying for the rumble. It's not a bad design, though I wonder if it would have been better served to lose the massive branding. The image gets the idea across without the need for all that gigantic text.

The final bit of exclusive goodness comes in the form of an unmasked Iron Man Dorbz figure. Originally planned to be a chase figure in the Civil War Dorbz wave, Funko opted to include it here instead. I'm curious if it was another last minute addition or whether the chase figure idea just didn't come together the way Funko had envisioned. Either way, Funko fans will be happy to have this little guy hanging around. The Dorbz line can be a bit repetitive, like the Pop line, but when Funko goes outside the norm to deliver a new sculpt, the figures, like this Iron Man, often come out quite well.


This box was provided by Funko for review. The Marvel Collector Corps subscriptions run $25 a box, and you can sign up on the official site if you wish to join.


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