Deadpool is kind of a big deal; I don't know if you've heard. He's got 127 monthly comics, a smash-hit movie, his face is all over clothes, he's got dozens of action figures, and hell, there's even a petition to have this fictional character (that isn't at all a real person) host an actual, live television variety show. That's just the power of the 'pool, baby. You can't stop this crazy train because it's already off the rails.

Funko selecting Wade Wilson to be the focal point of its latest Marvel Collector Corps box just in time to release alongside the mercenary's big screen splash was thus, a foregone conclusion. Following up the Guardians of the Galaxy box with a character as massively popular as Deadpool could also serve to get Funko back in the good graces of its subscribers. Provided its contents were strong that is.

Though I thought the Guardians box was one of the best Marvel Collector Corps releases, that opinion was apparently in the minority. The Deadpool Marvel Collector Corps box is more of a return to traditional form for the subscription service, which will no doubt make those disgruntled by the more diverse offerings the previous box included happy again.

That means there is indeed an actual Pop figure in the box, which is one of the only things subscribers seem to care about getting. To an extent, I get it. However, there has to be some room for flexibility for these mystery boxes. When Funko's allowed to get a little more creative, the results have been much more interesting.


Marvel Collector Corps Deadpool


That's not to say the Deadpool box isn't a good box. The contents are pretty perfect. The Pop figure of Deadpool leaping into action is a nice touch, and I'm glad to see more dynamic poses coming for Pop figures. That stock standing pose does get a little boring after a while, regardless of who the character happens to be.

A small clear stand is included that fits nicely between the sheathes on Deadpool's back, and it's a nice way to hide the attaching hole in the figure. You can take him off the base, but there's no real way to balance him otherwise. I hope this is an indication of the potential for future Pops. Superman recently came with a flying stand too, but that non-flying characters on possible as well will hopefully lead to more exciting figures soon.

The box also includes the requisite patch and pin, both of which are as nicely made as every previous set. I've yet to find a place to put all of these patches, but the pins will eventually come in handy at a convention where there are more people to trade with than there are in my living room. A few different t-shirt designs are in this box as well, and I got the more traditional Deadpool shirt. There's also a black-costumed version in the same pose, but I don't know if there's another beyond that. Everyone also gets the variant Deadpool #1, by Gerry Duggan and Mike Hawthorne.

It's the Cowboy Deadpool Dorbz and black suit Mopeez that will get all the attention though. You know, on account of those items being the collectibles everyone is here to see and get. God forbid Funko shake things up and throw a scarf and a mug in the mix. The Mopeez stuffed collectibles are a humorous take on the more serious characters in comics, but with Deadpool you don't get to see the frowning mouth. That's most of the appeal since the little dolls are supposed to be moping. It's hard to tell with Deadpool since you all you have to go on are his eyes, which don't convey a ton of emotion.

The Cowboy Deadpool Dorbz comes with a hobby horse. It's adorable. Ooooohhhhhh. Now it all makes sense.

I never thought Funko lost its groove, but if you were one of those subscribers that felt spurned by the previous mystery box, Deadpool more than makes up for it. Captain America: Civil War is on tap for the next bi-monthly mystery, and for a box likely to have a ton of hype around it, the upward trend should continue for Marvel Collector Corps. I just hope Funko hasn't lost the inclination to experiment with the contents of upcoming boxes.

This box was provided by Funko for review. The Marvel Collector Corps subscriptions run $25 a box, and you can sign up on the official site if you wish to join.


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