Like the rest of Lucasfilm's and Disney's licensing partners, Funko has unveiled a full line of collectibles based on the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One film. As if you believed what could be the biggest movie of the year would go absent from Funko's premiere line of vinyl figures. Ah, but there is more, as Funko's also made Rogue One the debut brand for its new Wobblers line, too.

If there's one thing this world needs more of, it's definitely Star Wars toys and Funko Pops. When the two combine, it's like staring at the event horizon of pop culture fandom. You may not like what you see in that glimmering shadow of the abyss, but its reach is far and wide, and thus unavoidable. Once you're in, you. are. in. for. life. Collecting toys is fun though, innit?

Jyn Erso rightfully leads the way with three different Pop figures, two of which are store exclusives. It makes sense the mass market variant is the Rebel fighter version, but dang if the Imperial officer figure from Target doens't look that much better. Perhaps that minor reveal from the trailer is more iconic than I even knew in my own head.

Darth Vader, he of the Rogue One Vaders, also gets two Pop figures this month. One is a fairly straightforward stoic Vader, with the Gamestop exclusive having that signature Force grip hand extended, warning whoever about the powers of the Dark Side. My money is on Krennic getting the wrong end of that berating.

Most of the other Pops look solid if a little droll. It's hard to get excited about so many of these characters who are unfamiliar at this point, but I wager by the time the film actually comes out in December, more than a few of the Rebels will have some stalwart branches of the fandom hoisting these tiny trophies in appreciation.

I'm not all that impressed with the Wobblers line, which seems to have taken its design direction from the Mystery Minis, but stretched it out to larger, wobblier proportions. What worked in a scale that was just an inch or two tall doesn't quite work here with these larger figures. And why Funko is introducing another competing line in the scale of Vinyl Idolz and Rock Candy is beyond me. Seems to be a bit of cannibalizing itself if you ask me.

Funko's Star Wars: Rogue One Pop and Wobblers will be available on Sept. 30, along with all the other Force Friday debuts.


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