Everyone loves Harley Quinn. Honestly. Try to find me someone who’s even passingly familiar with her that doesn’t think she’s a great character. There’s just no two ways about it, tip to toe, Harley Quinn is a character people love. In fact, she’s several characters people love, because every new iteration of her that comes along immediately finds a fanbase that’s as devoted to her as she is to the Joker or Poison Ivy (depending on what you’re reading/watching/shipping).

Whether it be the original version from Batman: The Animated Series, the more extreme version of the New 52 (or the later, slightly more traditional version from the New 52), the “edgy” version from the Batman: Arkham series of video games, or even the version from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. The art we’ve collected here stands as proof that Harley fans are ready to show their love by spending their precious time making endless artistic examples of their devotion. The Suicide Squad movie hasn’t even been released yet, and fans have already flooded the various galleries of the internet with more fanart of the Margot Robbie version than you can blow an exploding whoopie-cushion at. (If she has an exploding whoopie-cushion in that movie, it will be my new favorite movie of all time.)

What is it about Harley Quinn that generates such a zealous assemblage of admirers though? Is it the colors? Is it the silliness? Is it when she acts like an impish trickster? Is it when she seems homicidal? Is it a dream of a female member of the Insane Clown Posse? Or is it that her character seems to be versatile enough to let her wear a number of different hats and personalities and let so many different devotees find the thing in her that speaks to them? Or is it the giant mallet? I bet it’s the giant mallet.


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