Batman is certainly a very determined man, with a fixation on crimefighting that could fairly be described as full-on crazypants obsession, but I've never really seen him as a stalker -- unless of course he were stalking justice. But as the illustrious Rob Bricken of Topless Robot pointed out to us, a man who actually thinks he is Batman -- and who named his daughters HarleyQuinn and BatGirl -- has been arrested for stalking "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" actress Katherine Erbe. Seriously, just read this whole article at the Philadelphia Daily News. It is amaaaazing.

His love of Batman knew no bounds. For one, Charles Nagle, aka Chaz Rose, named both his daughters after characters featured in "The Dark Knight" series: HarleyQuinn, 12, frequent accomplice and wannabe gal pal of the Joker, and Bat Girl, 11, one of the superhero's sidekicks.

Second, Nagle, of the Far Northeast, apparently often dresses up as Batman and has met Adam West, who played the caped crusader in the 1960s TV series, five times, he told the Northeast Times in 2005. Phone pals and toy dealers called the 36-year-old husband and father a "Batman historian," according to the article.

"He thinks he's Batman," neighbor Catherine DeMasi said yesterday.

Well, America, Batman's in jail.

Other fun tidbits include the fact that he is married, that he used to chase his family members around with a knife as a child, that his neighbors think this is hilarious, and that HarleyQuinn and BatGirl shockingly faced teasing from their classmates, a turn of a events that could in no way have been expected after burdening them with completely batshit (sorry) names:

Neighbors in his self-described "very tight" neighborhood were not surprised by news of Nagle's arrest. A few even chuckled.

When Nagle was a youngster, "he used to charge after his mother and his brother with a knife," said DeMasi.

Nagle, Rose and their daughters are known for keeping to themselves. Nagle pulled his daughters out of schools, purportedly because their names prompted teasing from other kids, said DeMasi, who has known Nagle since he was born. The girls are now home-schooled, but DeMasi said she believed he never graduated from high school.