If you’ve seen Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, you probably remember the great scene where Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Ducard (Liam Neeson) fight on a frozen lake. But did you know that all throughout the day Bale and Neeson shot this scene, they could hear cracks in the ice beneath their feet? When the crew returned to the lake the next day, the entire thing had thawed. Yikes. That’s just one of the facts featured in the newest episode of You Think You Know Movies!

In the film, Cillian Murphy played the role of Dr. Jonathan Crane, also known as the Scarecrow. But before Murphy landed the part, he was actually in the running to play Batman. Although Nolan ultimately went with Christian Bale to play Bruce Wayne, he liked Murphy’s audition so much he made him his Scarecrow. Nolan was particularly struck by Murphy’s bright blue eyes. Watch the film closely and you’ll see many shots where Dr. Crane pulls off his glasses on camera, all designed to make the viewer notice the actor’s eyes.

You Think You Know Movies? is a ScreenCrush original series that dives deep into the cinematic worlds of your favorite movies and freeze frames a few tidbits you might not have known. We’ve already tackled Star Wars, The Avengers and Spider-Man, but this time we’re going back to the beginning of Batman for some Caped Crusader trivia. Watch more installments of ‘You Think You Know Movies?’ below and let us know in the comments what movies we should cover next.


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