Okay, let's say that you're a guy who owns a Batman costume. You spent a lot of money on it and it looks pretty awesome, but now that Halloween is over, you don't have a whole lot of reasons to wear it. Some people might choose to put away their Batman costume and retire from crime-fighting (at least until next October), but for you, the call of justice is to difficult to ignore.

So you go online and pretend to be an underage girl to lure a would-be predator to a playground where you can publicly shame him in full Dark Knight regalia, film it, and put it on YouTube. And the best part? This is something that actually happened. Check out the full video after the cut!
Warning: NSFW language

What's really interesting to me -- besides the fact that Batman's usual airborne companions seem to have been replaced with the noisiest flock of Canadian geese to ever observe a pedophile sting -- is that nobody really seems to question what Batman himself is doing at the playground. Presumably they just came to the same conclusion that I did, which is that Batman was already on his way there to look for any freshly orphaned kids that he could train as his sidekick and decided to kill two Canadian geese with one stone.

It's also worth noting that there is almost no way that the dude who showed up at the playground could have thought that this was really going to work out okay for him. If nothing else, To Catch a Predator is so widely known in pop culture that he had to have realized that there was a pretty good chance that he was going to run into Chris Hansen. He may have even mentally prepared himself for it. But let's be real here: Expecting Chris Hansen and getting Batman instead is like... Well, it's like expecting Chris Hansen and getting Batman instead. There's really no other way to put that.

Either way, he's not the hero that the playground deserves... he's the guy with a Halloween costume and a lot of free time that the playground needs.

(Via Guyism)