Benjamin Andrew Moore impresses us greatly with this remarkably thorough chart which tracks every major revision of Batman's costume, starting from its first appearance in 1939 and all the way through 2012's Batman: Earth One drawn by and Gary Frank. See the full-size image below.

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Each costume is sourced to the appropriate year or era and storyline, film or animated series, but Moore purposefully left out Elseworlds versions and some others that may be crucial, depending upon your level of commitment (it is almost heartbreaking to read his considered disclaimer, as you can imagine the poor artist bracing for the impact of a thousand "um actually" comments). Personally, I would like to see that early-to-mid '90s variation of Batman's costume that included shoulder spikes, not to mention Moore's take on the ridiculously over-the-top AzBats upgrade.

However, looking at that now, it seems like it would probably be too painful to draw. In any case, kudos to Moore for creating this most excellent resource.

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