Since news first broke of DC Comics' plan to relocate its entire operation from New York City to Los Angeles, industry insiders have expected some high profile staffers would not only choose to leave DC Comics but actually make a jump to rival Marvel rather than move West. That scenario came true with DC editor Will Moss' migration to Marvel earlier this year, and now Marvel's announced that longtime DC staffer Mike Marts is joining the company as a new Executive Editor.

Marts previously worked at Marvel from the mid-'90s through the mid-aughts, editing books including New X-Men, Wolverine: Origin, Black Panther, Exiles, Astonishing X-Men and many more. At DC, Marts distinguished himself as Group Editor of the Batman line, overseeing the work of Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder.

"Mike Marts is a seasoned veteran who's edited some of the most critically acclaimed and highest-selling series of the last decade," said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso in a press release. "I'm overjoyed to see him return home, and I can't wait to see what he brings to Marvel!"

"It's amazing to see how Marvel has grown as a company since I worked there last,” said Marts. “I am beyond thrilled to be rejoining this powerhouse at such an exciting time."

There's a lot of precedent for creators following editors on to new publishers, so it will be interesting to see which if any of Marts' DC freelancers start popping up Marvel projects in the new year.

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