Since the announcement of the Death of X crossover event between the X-Men and the Inhumans, fans of the Marvel's merry mutants have been worried that the end may be nigh for the Children of the Atom. These worries certainly weren't abated when Marvel released the Marvel NOW Previews book, which contained no mention of the ongoing X-Men titles continuing into October.

At a panel on Thursday during San Diego Comic Con, Marvel editors and creators spoke about the tease of what Death of X might mean for the franchise, but several of the ongoing titles such as Uncanny, All-New and Extraordinary X-Men were confirmed to be continuing. The big news, however, is that Laura Kinney AKA Wolverine will be following in her mentor's bloody footsteps in a sequel to Mark Millar and John Romita Jr's "Enemy of the State."


David Lopez


The original "Enemy of the State" saw the original Wolverine brainwashed by HYDRA and The Hand and turned against his friends and allies. The sequel by Tom Taylor and Nik Virella is said to feature the all-new Wolverine forced against her will to commit several murders that will send the authorities, led by Nick Fury, hot on her trail.

The panel also revealed story details for upcoming arcs of books such as the Uncanny X-Men's clash with a new Hellfire Club, the Extraordinary X-Men searching for a way to combat Apocalypse's influence over Colossus, and the All-New X-Men coming face to face with the deadly Terrigen Mists.


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As it was the Death of X panel, there was also more information provided about the Inhumans line of titles, including a bit more background on where the Inhumans stand in Civil War II and a tease of Medusa shaving her head from the cover to Uncanny Inhumans #15. Axel Alonso spoke highly of Geoffrey Thorne and Khary Randolph's upcoming title Mosaic, stating, "He's a character to watch, and he has a huge role in an upcoming storyline."

Finally, in the Q&A segment of the panel, questions were answered about the whereabouts of certain characters such as Havok and the abandoned team of Utopians from the end of Brian Michael Bendis' time with the X-Men, but no resounding answers. Alonso also spoke about the importance of supporting comics monthly, stating it's the most effective way to keep a title you love alive.


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