We know that there's an Inhumans television show coming whether we like it or not, and we know Marvel Comics is going to keep pushing the franchise in the comics whether we like it or not, but it doesn't have to all be grim acceptance of our terrigen-infused future. The proliferation of Inhumans #content has been a good thing too, as it's given us Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, and perhaps most importantly, lots more opportunities to see what Lockjaw is up to!


Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnot & Artie Simek / Marvel Comics


If you're unaware --- and if you are, prepare to have your day made --- Lockjaw is the Inhuman royal family's pet dog, who also has teleportation powers. He was introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the pages of Fantastic Four #45, during a time when the two legendary creators were at the peak of their prowess, producing a year's worth of comics that introduced The Inhumans, Galactus, Silver Surfer, and Black Panther.

At one point, the mutant Quicksilver was led to believe that Lockjaw was an Inhuman transformed into a teleporting dog by the Terrigen Mists that unlock the Inhumans' powers. It was later confirmed that this was a hoax played on the hot-headed speedster by his in-laws Gorgon and Karnak.


Karl Kerschl / Marvel Comics


But Lockjaw is a real hero in his own right. Did you know that Lockjaw leads his own team of Avengers? He does, and they're all pets! The Pet Avengers are made up of Lockjaw, Lockheed the dragon, Redwing the falcon, Hairball (formerly Neils The Cat), Aunt May's dog Ms. Lion, and Throg, frog of thunder. The group came together to collect the Infinity Gems and keep them out of Thanos' hands, and have reunited on a number of occasions thereafter.

While it's easiest to say that Lockjaw is the Inhumans' pet, he mostly does what he wants, and occasionally accompanies other Marvel heroes if they need a friend. He was briefly taken in by The Thing, and recently Medusa instructed him to visit New Jersey and keep Ms. Marvel company before she was formally welcomed into the Inhuman family.


Adrian Alphona, Ian Herring & Joe Caramagna / Marvel Comics


It's too soon to know whether The Inhumans TV will be any good --- the costume design for Black Bolt that leaked is particularly uninspired --- but we know for a fact that Lockjaw will be in it, and that he is indeed a good boy. That's enough for me to at least watch the first episode.