Yesterday we reported on the leaking of Marvel Comics' Marvel Previews free magazine, unveiling their entire post-Civil War II line-up including comics such as The Unstoppable Wasp, Solo, Foolkiller and Prowler. Today, the magazine has officially been released via comic stores and online, confirming even more titles and creative teams, including a Kate Bishop Hawkeye book and the much awaited Gamora solo title from Guardians of the Galaxy screenwriter Nicole Perlman.

The Marvel Previews magazine is available for free at your local comic shop and can be downloaded via Comixology. It contains information on over sixty new and continuing titles launching in October and beyond.

One of the biggest highlights in the magazine is the confirmation that the new Hawkeye series will star the superior-in-ever-way Kate Bishop in the title role. Written by Kelly Thompson with art by Leonardo Romero, it has every chance of being the big standout of the line the way Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye was a standout years ago.

There's also official confirmation of a couple of Daredevil villain solo titles, putting some of Matt Murdock's greatest enemies into the spotlight. Kingpin by Matthew Rosenberg and Ben Torres will likely continue on from Rosenberg's current Civil War II: Kingpin miniseries, and Bullseye by Ed Brisson and Guillermo Sanna will likely see the villain on the road to recovery following his most recent clash with Daredevil.

Check out the full slate of teasers and announcements from the Marvel Previews magazine below:
































































You can get more information about Marvel NOW in the free Marvel Previews magazine available from Comixology