Let's say for the sake of argument that you're a world-traveling billionaire vigilante, and you're in Taiwan looking for a local representative of your international anti-crime corporation when you run across a sexy jewel thief who happens to be feeling amorous. Obviously this is a situation you're going to want to take advantage of, but you need a site for your romantic rendezvous that's both impressive and allows you to feel comfortable away from home.

Clearly, you need to hit up the Eden Motel in Kaohsiung City and spend some time in their Sexy Batcave.



And it's only $50 per stay! Of course, a "stay" in this case is only three hours, meaning that the intended purpose of this room is either one of Batman's patented Problem-Solving Micro-Sleeps or something that would keep a full staff of Alfreds busy changing sheets.As spotted on Gizmodo today, the Eden has tricked out one of their "Fashion Rooms" in a full-on tribute to the Caped Crusader, complete with a couch modeled after the Dark Knight Batmobile that looks like the least comfortable sofa ever:



Also, the framed poster of Christian Bale in a smoky neon green background is just right for setting the mood for 180 minutes of romance.

There's also a Bat-shaped television for monitoring in-room pornography crime...



...but I think the absolute best touch is the image painted on the ceiling, which from what I can see appears to be Batman swooping down towards the room. In other words, this is a room where Batman constantly crashing through a skylight right onto where you're making your love.

Obviously, I need to visit Taiwan toute de suite.