Out tomorrow is Batman #16, the penultimate chapter to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Death of the Family" storyline, featuring Batman going up against the Joker in what is already guaranteed to go down as one of the more popular Joker stories in recent memory, if not ever. Already providing a few memorable moments, this upcoming issue has what should almost certainly go down as one of the greatest panels in Batman history.

You can check it out after the cut, and while it certainly doesn't spoil anything in regards to the story, we'll understand if you want to wait until tomorrow, as it is manifestly awesome.


At this point, the storyline could end in an inconceivably poor fashion, and I won't even care. You know why? Because Snyder and Capullo gave us Batman punching a horse in the f***ing face.

Batman now joins such fictional luminaries as Mongo from Blazing Saddles and Schwarzenegger's Conan the Barbarian on the list of Legendary Characters Who Have Knocked Out Horses:

Conan also punched a camel once, but at least he tried to apologize in the sequel. You know Batman isn't apologizing.

Batman #16 is available January 16th in your local comic shop and digitally on Comixology.

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