Every month, comic publishers release their solicitation announcements to provide information to readers and retailers on comics that are coming out in three months’ time, but there’s so much information dropped at once that a lot can slip through the cracks.

This month in DC’s April solicitations, we’ve got guest artists galore, fan-favorite team-ups and a clue towards the return of a classic DC super-team.

  • Batman Meets His Predecessor

    Batman/The Shadow #1 (Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando & Riley Rossmo)

    Until Bill Finger really got to work with Batman, the character was nothing more than a knock-off of The Shadow. While Batman eventually became one of the biggest franchises in comics, he still has ties to those pulp roots, and there's no better creative team for this crossover that Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo.

    Riley Rossmo / DC Comics
  • Year of the Wild Dog

    Green Arrow #20 (Benjamin Percy & Eleanora Carlini)

    You know Wild Dog! You love him in Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye, and are aware that he's a supporting character in this season of Arrow, but are you ready for... the Wild Dogs? Teased since the first issue of Benjamin Percy's Green Arrow, the Wild Dog Militia are described as being right-wing extremists, and essentially villains, but I want to know what Jack Wheeler thinks about all this, and what it means for Cave Carson and Young Animal's place in continuity.

    W. Scott Forbes / DC Comics
  • The Return of the JSA?

    The Last Days of the JSA (Various)

    If you want a clue at upcoming changes at Marvel or DC, it's often a good idea to see what old stuff they're reprinting. Last month, I noticed Marvel was reprinting the classic "Secret Empire" story, and now there's a new Secret Empire event coming this summer. DC is reprinting The Last Days of the JSA with a bunch of Secret Origin specials, so don't be surprised if a Justice Society of America revival is around the corner for May or June.

    Michael Bair / DC Comics
  • Young Animal Guest Artist Extravaganza

    Doom Patrol #7 (Gerard Way & Mike Allred) / Shade The Changing Girl #7 (Cecil Castellucci, Marguerite Sauvage & Dan Parent)

    Speaking of Young Animal, April looks set to be a treat for fans, with guest spots from some exciting and unexpected artists. Mike Allred and Doom Patrol is a match made in heaven, and something fans have been clamoring for since way before his variant for the first issue of this volume. It's always cool to see Marguerite Sauvage's art show up somewhere you don't expect it, in this case on Shade The Changing Girl, but the especially exciting news is that Kevin Keller creator Dan Parent will pencil a back-up in the same title.

    Mike Allred / DC Comics
  • 'Batman and Robin' Will Never Die!

    This one is mostly for me, but if you have similar tastes to me, then I guess it's for you too! Grant Morrison's run on various Batman titles is my favorite long-form run in comics, and seeing the dream team of Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne re-team to take on their oldest foe Professor Pyg gets me right in my nostalgias. The story isn't even that old, but that's how much I like it.

    Javier Fernandez / DC Comics