Grant Morrison is a polarizing creator, with some people writing off entire swaths of his career for being "too confusing," while others proselytize about its virtues, so long as you understand these very specific references and cult theories he's alluding to. It can be tough to decide where you stand on him, so if you're struggling to find a way into Morrison's impressive career and body of work, we've assembled a Reading List of the ten top stories that could turn you into a die-hard Morrison devotee.

Everything on the list can be grabbed off a shelf or a digital comics platform and read as it stands, though some of these stories represent the best parts of larger runs. Some of Morrison's seminal works, including The Invisibles and Zenith, are difficult to break down in that way, so we've left them off the list in order to focus on more accessible stories. That's no reflection on those works, but maybe they're for the advanced class.

There are other stories by Grant Morrison that didn't quite crack the top of the list. Seaguy with Cameron Stewart, and Joe The Barbarian with Sean Gordon Murphy are both excellent Vertigo series that compliment each other surprisingly well. Morrison's run on New X-Men remains a classic, and Final Crisis remains one of the best crossover events in superhero comics. In my opinion, it's hard to go wrong with Morrison, but hopefully we've started you on the path to discovering the many joys his work has to offer.



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