While American audiences are going to have to wait a full year for it to cross the Atlantic, the UK opening of Batman Live is a mere two months away! And that means that it's time for the marketing to start in earnest. As spotted on DC Women Kicking Ass, ads are now playing on European television promoting the Dark Knight's arena show, and I have to admit, they're looking pretty awesome.

So far, we've seen a British TV ad that highlights the characters and a German spot that focuses more on the sets and scenery, and you can check them both out right here at ComicsAlliance!First up is the British spot, which goes for the time-honored (at least since The Matrix came out) technique of freezing its subjects and moving the camera around them in sllllooowwwww mmmmooootttioonnnnn!

I'm not gonna lie, folks: That moment when the kid's eyes light up at the sight of Batman might be the most shameless, obvious way for a commercial to make something seem amazing, but I can totally relate to that on a personal level. And this surprises no one.

Also, I don't care what Bethany says, Live-Action Harley Quinn and her giant hammer are adorable.

The German spot -- which hilariously informs me that the German words for "Batman," "Robin," "The Penguin" and "Wayne Manor" are actually "Batman," "Robin," "The Penguin" and "Wayne Manor" -- shows off the giant stage and it's miniature Gotham City, complete with buildings and helicopters:

Truly, Batman live ist gigantisch.

Other promotions have featured set designers claiming that they've done their best to recapture recognizable landmarks of Gotham City that "any Batman experts in the audience" -- ahem -- would be able to recognize. I wouldn't quite go that far, since most of them seem in the commercial to be regular ol' skyscrapers, but it was definitely pretty cool to see Oracle's clock tower featured prominently.

All in all, a pretty interesting look at the show, and honestly? A pretty effective ad, too. I cannot wait to pay an insane amount of money to see this thing.

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