Aside from quicker access to Doctor Who episodes and certain kinds of Toblerone bars, I haven't had many reasons to be outright jealous of UK residents of late. Leave it to new concept art from Batman Live to change all that, though. The Telegraph's debuted three new images depicting future sets from the action show, which is set to run from July 20 through October 8 in the UK before it heads to North America, and they're a sight to behold.From an urban environment bombarded with a Joker balloon to a carnival scene that's likely to provide a backdrop for Robin's tragic origin to what looks like at least a portion of the Batcave, the Batman Live concept art has DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee's stylized influence (and at least a little crosshatching) all over it. It's pretty nice to see that the show's online aesthetic isn't simply promotional. For all intents and purposes, these concept models seem to indicate a stage show modeled, at least in part, after contemporary Batman comics.

With each scene slated to run about two minutes, there's bound to be scads more sets in the roughly 85 minute show. Provided the rest of the environments synch up with what's being teased, attendees could be in for a visually legit outing.

Check out each piece of concept art below:

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