One of the most notable moments in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers is the scene in which Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman zips across the screen before stopping in front of the camera, apparently in mid-battle. But who is she fighting, exactly? Is she caught up in a fight between Superman and Batman, or is she fighting her own battle? We may know the answer.

Potential spoilers to follow, etc., etc.

It was reported last year the DC super villain Doomsday is appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and according to Heroic Hollywood, that’s exactly who Wonder Woman is fighting in the trailer. We see our hero carrying a shield and armed with a sword, and per the report, she’ll use that awesome weapon to chop off his hand. But that’s when she encounters a bit of a problem: a blade made of bone appears where that hand used to be, which sounds pretty neat.

In the comics, Doomsday is the result of Kryptonian engineering gone horribly wrong — he’s a monster who appears to be mindless, and who dug himself out of a metal cage miles underground. Once on the surface, Doomsday went about destroying everything and everyone in sight before he ultimately killed Superman. He is incredibly difficult to beat, and may be one of Superman’s most imposing foes.

This means that we’ll likely see Wonder Woman single-handedly take down a villain capable of unspeakable destruction — at least, I hope she does it all by herself because that would be one hell of an introduction in the DCU.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.


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