Besides the time jump from World War I to the 1980s, there are a few other key differences between Wonder Woman and the newly released Wonder Woman 1984. As acute fans might have noticed, Diana Prince leaves behind the sword and shield she wielded in the 2017 film. In the sequel, she uses only her golden lasso and wrist bracelets. But why?

In an interview with CBR, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot revealed the important character development behind the weapon switch: Diana's desire for peace. "This is part of the reason to why we decided that she shouldn't have a sword or a shield," Gadot explained. "Diana is not aggressive. She's not there to fight. She's a peacemaker. Also, she has the higher understanding that people are not bad, per se... We're all the same."

By no means does Gadot believe her character is perfect. One of Diana Prince's weaknesses is her naïveté regarding humankind. "We all have our moments when we don't do the right thing in order to fill this hole. So she assumes the best out of people, and so her default is always to protect them. She leads by example," Gadot continued. "So, for her, humankind — they'll get it. They'll understand it eventually, but she always will do and give everything she has in order to bring goodness to humankind."

This brings up another important element of Wonder Woman 1984 — nobody dies. This is uncommon for a superhero action movie, where someone gets the boot sooner or later. But Gadot shared that Wonder Woman couldn't annihilate anyone because "if all of these people are under the power of something else, then it's not their fault." The movie instead focuses on Diana's effort to restore the humanity in the villainous characters around her.

Wonder Woman 1984 is now playing in theaters and on HBO Max.

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