After establishing the tone of the new Batman Universe as it exists in Telltale's Batman: The Telltale Series in the first episode, the adventure has taken an even darker turn leading up to the third installment, "New World Order." Previously, we'd seen Bruce Wayne learn that maybe his parents weren't as beyond reproach as he believed, and learn that the crime families in Gotham were working hand-in-hand with the Waynes for a better future. You don't have to look far to see how well that worked out for everyone involved, particularly when it comes to the Waynes.

The launch trailer for the new chapter --- arriving tomorrow --- keeps the spiral spinning downward for the young Dark Knight, and Batman will have to face off against the Children of Gotham to protect his city. He'll also have to deal with some ramifications from Harvey Dent's mayoral bid... at least what remains of it and Harvey's face anyway.

Though players had a choice about which character to save at the conclusion of the second episode --- Catwoman or Harvey Dent --- it's clear that Telltale's own canon in this story still sees Harvey get his trademark disfigurement. The latest trailer indicates all might not be so well for Harvey, who clearly is taking on some of his darker side's tendencies at this crucial midpoint of Telltale's series.

Telltale has been doing an remarkable job giving us a new version of the Batman mythos that sticks to the core tendencies of the character's established core, but veers off the tracks in ways that keep players on their toes. You can see the influences from other iterations of Batman in media on Telltale's version, but it still remains wholly Telltale's. Giving us a better look into how Bruce is impacted by the world around him at such an early part of Batman's career is a treat too, and the latest developments in shattering his world should give us some ample character moments in the coming chapters.

Batman: The Telltale Series, Episode Three will be available on all compatible platforms beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 25.


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