Frequent thorn in my wallet's side, Mondo, which also happens to make some outstanding posters, limited run vinyls and toys, has just put the final nail in my bank account's coffin. To celebrate Batman Day, Mondo has announced (via IGN) an eight-record box set featuring the soundtrack to Batman: The Animated Series. Unlike Mondo's previously released Batman: TAS vinyls, these aren't going to be just the opening and ending themes on a cleverly-cut record. This box set will include the full scores to 16 different episodes, hand-picked by Mondo as favorites.

What's more, each vinyl will have a unique sleeve with art from Phantom City Creative spotlighting the episodes featured on each side. There will also be six different 4x6 handbills for each of the villains from the fan-favorite episode, "Almost Got 'Im." The whole shebang comes in a black and yellow slipcase featuring the Gotham City skyline in the shape of the bat-symbol. It's probably the most beautiful collection Mondo's crafted to date, which means it's going to be one of the most sought after items of the holiday season.

Now it's true you could easily purchase or download the Batman: The Animated Series soundtracks from Amazon or iTunes or wherever, but Mondo's forte has always been making eye-catching tangible goods. The scores to these episodes aren't hard to find, so if you're not able to get your hands on one when it goes up for pre-order this November, don't fret too hard. The music will still be there, it's just the format that will be hard to obtain. Mondo goods, Batman or not, have never been easy to get your hands on, but recent vinyl offerings have fared a bit better for fans than the posters.

You can take a look at all the individual covers over on IGN's site. Based on the art the episodes included will be:

  • "Two-Face" Part One and Two
  • "On Leather Wings"
  • "Terror in the Sky"
  • "Almost Got 'Im"
  • "The Man Who Killed Batman"
  • "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?"
  • "Vendetta"
  • "Mudslide"
  • "Joker's Favor"
  • "Harlequinnade"
  • "Beware the Gray Ghost"
  • "Fire From Olympus"
  • "Heart of Ice"
  • "Deep Freeze"
  • "Nothing to Fear"

There's also a Scarecrow episode, but which one specifically is obscured in the images. Mondo will announce the sale date through its Twitter account sometime in November, so be sure to be following them if you hope to hear the amazing orchestrations of Shirley Walker, Lolita Ritmanis, Danny Elfman and Michael McCuistion (among others) through your speakers.

Update: Mondo's revealed the full track listing, the edition size and the final pricing for the boxset. There will be just 1200 of the sets produced, with each retailing for $225. They will go up for sale at a random time on Nov. 18, so mark your calendars for Nov. 19 so you won't be in my way when I try to order one. Thanks.


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