We've seen Batman pursue criminals, the Mutant leader declare war, and some thugs freak out, but the latest clip from Warner Home Video's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Pt. 1 animated feature is all about Bruce Wayne... getting a massage? That's right, the latest teaser for the animated adaptation of Frank Miller's iconic storyline is a scene that spotlights the relationship between the 55-year-old Batman and his butler/father figure/doctor Alfred (voiced by actor Michael Jackson). At the age of, what? like 80? 85? Alfred is understandably pretty dry following decades of service to a gloomy vigilante. After tending to Master Bruce's latest crimefighting wounds to prep him for his next mission, it seems pretty reasonable for him to inquire about his place in the Wayne will, doesn't it? See what you think of the latest clip from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Pt. 1 (which arrives on September 25), after the cut.

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