Can you believe there are already nine original animated films from Warner Bros.' DC Universe line, with at least an additional three in production? With such memorable DC Comics stories like "DC: The New Frontier" and "The Death of Superman" adapted for feature-length animation, it seems only a matter of time before producers announce a film based on "Batman: The Killing Joke," the character-defining Joker story by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. Such a film would be hard pressed to eclipse a new fan effort, which depicts one of the book's classic scenes in LEGO bricks...

A stop-motion production by Forrest Whaley with the voice talent of Patrick Girts (doing an awesome Mark Hammil-as-the-Joker impression), "The Killing Joke" LEGO film is a played-straight adaptation of the Joker's climactic monologue that is as chilling as it is novel. Using Danny Elfman music from "Batman Returns," the film brilliantly demonstrates the inescapably seductive words of the Joker as he tries one more time to bring the Dark Knight over to his way of thinking, whereby the world is just one bad joke.

The grave tone of the video is especially impressive if you sample Whaley and his collaborators' other works, which have a profanity and action-infused "Robot Chicken" sensibility to them that wouldn't necessarily indicate their interest in more serious content. In this case, I think most fans will find the replicated drama pretty endearing.

See just how creepy Lego Joker can be below:

[Via Blastr]

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