Battle Beasts fans are going to want to get ready to party like it's 1987. As revealed at the new Battle Beasts website, a fresh take on the brand is set to debut in both toy and comic book form at this weekend's C2E2 in Chicago. Current North American license holders, Diamond Select Toys have partnered with IDW to release a print version of its currently online ashcan promoting an upcoming Battle Beasts comic miniseries by writer Bobby Curnow (Night of 1000 Wolves) and artist Valerio Schiti (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello), along with an exclusive figure of one of the comics' Ram protagonist known as Vorin.A proper Battle Beasts toyline has been in the works since 2009, but has until now only manifested in the form of several promotional Alligator figures. Come San Diego Comic-Con International in July, DST will unveil the first issue of IDW's Battle Beasts comic miniseries, along with a look at its first wave of new toys. Fans will also be able to buy an exclusive Battle Beasts figure two-pack at the show.

The new toys and comic will usher in a new continuity for the originally Japanese toys and animated series from Takara (who may be releasing a new line of their own figures overseas) known as BeastFormers. The toys will also differ from the late 1980s line distributed in North America by Hasbro, which came equipped with heat-sensitive stickers that revealed an elemental power symbol when pressed. The symbol was part of a battle mechanic not unlike Pokémon (a water symbol would beat a fire symbol, a fire symbol would beat a wood symbol, etc.). DST's new figures won't include these stickers, but will sport an as-yet unrevealed gameplay element.

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[Via Art Asylum, CBR]

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