If either of them ever come back to the squared circle any time soon, former WWE superstars CM Punk (a.k.a. Phil Brooks) and Dave Bautista may have to tussle over ownership of Drax the Destroyer.

Marvel announced at C2E2 in Punk's hometown of Chicago this weekend that he is the co-writer of a new Drax ongoing series set to debut late this year. (Bautista played the character in last summer's Guardians of the Galaxy movie.) The publisher unveiled an Ed McGuinness-drawn cover to the first issue, but hasn't yet named the artist for the series, nor Punk's co-writer.

The series will reportedly follow Drax from "the intergalactic octagon to the far reaches of outer space." That's appropriate for Brooks, who walked away from WWE last year and is prepping for his first-ever match as a fighter in UFC. Notably, Bautista has also been a mixed martial arts fighter. He won his one match with the CES MMA promotion back in 2012.

So, who knows, maybe the two of them could duke it out in the octagon to claim their stakes on Drax. They have options.

Punk's been busy. Not only has he been training for his UFC debut, he has also penned stories for this year's Thor annual and Vertigo's Strange Sports Stories anthology.

Punk coming in to co-write a Drax series in which he apparently spends some time as a professional fighter echoes the first issue of Skottie Young's Rocket Racoon series, which partially takes place at a pro wrestling event. I'm just saying, if the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie doesn't at least have someone doing an atomic elbow or a superplex in it, I'll be shocked.

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