After months of speculation, Batwoman/Kate Kane fans finally have the answer to the question that's been plaguing them: When's she going to return to regular publication? According to DC's The Source blog, the answer is pretty soon, as "Batwoman" #0 -- a bridge issue between her "Detective Comics" run and the new ongoing series -- is coming in November, co-written by Batwoman illustration maestro J.H. Williams III and former "Star Wars" writer W. Haden Blackman and co-drawn by Williams and Amy Reeder (recently of "Madame Xanadu").

The #0 issue will lead to a #1 in February 2011, launching an ongoing series where the current plan is for the arcs to alternate art dutes by Williams and Reeder.

The art looks absolutely gorgeous, including Reeder's cover (excerpt above, full thing below the jump) which brings her own character-focused manga-inspired style (I'm a big fan of Kate's workout duds above) in marriage with Williams's graphic design sensibility and boundary-pushing layouts.

This news finally solidifies the plans for the continuation of Kate Kane's story. She was introduced in "52" Week 11 back in 2006, and fleshed out last year in a groundbreaking "Detective Comics" run by now-departed writer Greg Rucka and artist Williams.

Check out the full covers below the jump, one by Amy Reeder and one by J.H. Williams III.

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