The story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf typically demonstrates the value of...well, building materials, but as exemplified by comic creators J.D. Arnold and Rich Koslowski's "BB Wolf and the 3 LP's," when the fairy tale is turned on its head, it can communicate much more serious themes such as racism, murder and revenge.

Here's how publisher Top Shelf Productions describes the original graphic novel that hits stores this May:

A farmer and family man by day, blues musician by night, and a drinker of fine spirits at any hour, BB's life seemed simple. But this fragile peace comes crashing down when the LPs decide to take his land by any means possible. When all is lost, BB lashes out, setting into motion acts of revenge only a Big Bad Wolf could unleash.

Top Shelf has topped off its own official six-page preview with an extra two pages of content to premiere here at CA.

Give the title's first eight pages a read after the jump.

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