The impending relaunch of Archie is almost upon us, and that can mean only one thing: variant covers, including retailer exclusives from some of the country's most prominent comic shops. Yes, when Mark Waid and Fiona Staples kick off their new take on Riverdale's favorite son next month, their story will be wrapped up in not one, not two, but seventeen different covers, each one made for a specific store.

But if you don't happen to live near Midtown, Acme, Mile High or any of the other retailers who jumped on the opportunity, don't worry. You can still see all the retailer variants, including covers by Cameron Stewart, Tom Grummett, Rafael Albuquerque and more below!


ARCHIE #1 Royal Collectibles Variant by Rafael Albuquerque


ARCHIE #1 Newbury Comics Variant by Peter Bagge


ARCHIE #1 Mile High Comics Variant by Rich Koslowski


ARCHIE #1 M&M Comic Service #1 Variant by Chris Foreman (Kris Asbeck on colors)


ARCHIE #1 Hastings Variant by Brent Peeples


ARCHIE #1 Atlantis Fantasyworld Variant by Scott Shaw (Rosario "Tito" Peña on colors)


ARCHIE #1 Dynamic Forces Variant by Jae Lee


ARCHIE #1 Dynamic Forces Variant by Jae Lee


ARCHIE #1 M&M Comic Service #2 Variant by Dave Dorman


ARCHIE #1 Curious Comics Variant by Dan Schoening (Luis Delgado on Colors)


ARCHIE #1 Books-A-Million / 2nd & Charles Variant by Kate Leth


ARCHIE #1 Bedrock Comics Variant by Terry Moore (Brian Miller of Hi-Fi on Colors)


ARCHIE #1 Aw Yeah Comics! / Downtown Comics Variant by Art Baltazar


ARCHIE #1 Amazing Stories Variant by Tom Grummett (Rosario "Tito" Peña on colors)


ARCHIE #1 Acme Comics Variant by Dan dos Santos


ARCHIE #1 Four Color Grails Variant by Jamie Tyndall


If there's a particular cover that caught your eye, most of the participating retailers have online stores where you may be able to purchase it. Keep in mind, though, that retailer exclusives are by their nature, well, exclusive, and very limited in numbers, and that retailers set their own prices for the variants.

Archie #1 will be released on July 8.


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