The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's spongiest antagonist may never have gotten the respect that his partner in crime Shredder did, but the countless crimes he commissioned from the comfort of his Technodrome always proved brain could be just as incompetent as brawn. In the spirit of such equality, 80stees has released an android body-emulating hoodie depicting the former Dimension X-dweller that goes great with its previous Shredhead outing.

The pocket and arm prints synch up perfectly for any TMNT fan to bear their favorite brain-in-belly without imposing certain atrocious fashion statements on wearers. I mean, Krang's android body had some sweet red undies and socks, but metal suspenders and shoulder pads? What is this, 1987? Oh, wait...

At $50 the costume hoodie may seem a little steep, but compared to its $60 TMNT-themed counterparts, it's something of a bargain. Of course, if you've only got $24 to burn you can always downsize to the more summer-friendly Krang T-shirt. Nobody will think less of you.
[Via Geekologie]

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