When Cartoon Hangover launched its Kickstarter to fund a full first season of Natasha Allegri's Bee and PuppyCat animated series back in October, fans quickly noticed that comic books were among its backer rewards -- and just as quickly deduced which publisher would be bringing them to life. Boom! quickly confirmed it was working with Allegri (with a teaser that playfully read "Of Course we're doing the comic!"), following their successful team-up on her Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake comics and now the publisher is ready to confirm the book's full launch details. Bee and PuppyCat #1, co-written by Allegri and Garrett Jackson, with art by Allegri, and colors by Allegri and Patrick Seery, is set to arrive in stores and digitally in May.

Drawing inspiration from Sailor Moon, Garfield and yes, even Superbook, Bee and PuppyCat launched in August as a two-part animated saga introducing fans to the 20something human protagonist Bee as she discovers her mysterious new pet from another realm, PuppyCat, on the way home from another failed day in the workforce. Since then, the shorts have been viewed a combined nearly 4 million times, with some 18,209 fans funding the Kickstarter for 10 new episodes with $872,133 (more than 145% of the $600,000 total it had sought).

In an interview with ComicsAlliance in November, Allegri teased that a space cat cafe could be in the series' future, and emphasized that the series would avoid mean-spirited humor. So far, it definitely seems at home at Boom!'s Kaboom! imprint alongside Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors and the upcoming Steven Universe comic.

The first issue will feature covers by Allegri and Zac Gorman (Magical Game Time), although roughly 3,100 of the fans who backed the B&P cartoon on Kickstarter will be receiving an exclusive cover.

You can check out covers and two pages from Bee and PuppyCat #1 below.


Bee and PuppyCat Cover A
Bee and PuppyCat Cover B Zac Gorman
Bee and PuppyCat_01_pg01_colors
Bee and PuppyCat_01_pg02_colors


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