Dog lovers are probably familiar with Odie, a "talking" pug who can howl "I love you," but the little fella may have found some serious competition in the form of a fellow fawn pug who can sing part of the 1960s Batman TV theme. Seriously, between Chris Sims' love of Batman and my love of pugs, ComicsAlliance's collective heart just melted for the day.

Posted by YouTube user TanjaMisery, this video showcases a pleasantly plump pug singing its song of choice for all of fankind. He may not be named Ace (the Bat-Hound) like my parents' pug, but this talented pooch has already made a name for itself by singing like a champion. Here's how the videographers describe this angelic crooner:

"This is Teddy Almond Turtle, my mama's Pug dog. Ted enjoys baked beans, red capsicum, apples and Batman."

See and hear the magic for yourself after the jump.UPDATE: The original video seems to have been taken down, but here's a fun remix!

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