The comic book series that kicked off a years-long collaboration between writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips is poised for a film adaptation produced by some recognizable names, among them Matt Damon and longtime collaborator Ben "Dardedevil/Batman" Affleck.

The pair will produce a film version of the Wildstorm series SleeperNo director has been attached yet, but the screenplay will be written by The Shield creator Shawn Ryan and collaborator David Wiener.

Sleeper has been in development for years. Other names that have been attached in the past include Sam Raimi and Tom Cruise. It looks like the story of Holden Carver's undercover operation in a seedy world of supercriminals is its closest to finally getting a proper film.

Sleeper is yet another DC Comics-owned property that's getting the big screen treatment in the near future. Given announcements that Preacher and iZombie are coming to TV, there seems to be a big push to get titles that aren't part of the main DC superhero line like The Flash -- Vertigo and Wildstorm stuff -- on the big and small screens.

Clearly a Grifter movie is next.

[Via Variety]

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