Fresh off the fan-funded Veronica Mars movie, series creator Rob Thomas is teaming up with writer Diane Ruggerio to write the pilot for a show based on the Vertigo comic iZombie by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred.

The series is in development at the CW, as many TV projects based on DC properties are. Like the comic, the show would follow the exploits of a zombie med student named Gwen who has to eat brains to keep her human appearance.

There do appear to be a few changes, though. Where the comic series was a looser comedy/drama, the TV show will be a crime procedural. Gwen will apparently be working at a coroner's office rather than as a gravedigger, and there's no word yet on how Ellie the ghost, Scott the were-terrier and some of the comic's other supporting characters will be incorporated.

Roberson and Allred have been mum about the news, at least so far. Roberson notably announced last year he would no longer work with DC Comics because of the company's treatment of creators, particularly his objections to the publication of Before Watchmen against writer Alan Moore's wishes.