When Monkeybrain Comics launched, it did so with Edison Rex as its flagship title. Created by Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver, with colors by Stephen Downer and letters by John J. Hill, it told the story of a Lex Luthor analogue forced to face the question, "What now?" after finally defeating his arch-nemesis. The creative team have now announced that Edison Rex will be serialized from the beginning as a webcomic --- and once it catches up to the most recent issues, it will continue online with new stories.

Edison Rex gained a dedicated fan-following with its timeless approach to superheroes and the amount of detail it packed into the creation of a shared universe filled with decades of invented history. As a Comixology release via Monkeybrain, the title embraced the advantages of the Guided View format; one of the first titles to really do so.

Edison Rex is not the first series to attempt this approach to publishing. Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener made the move to a webcomic-first model with Atomic Robo last year. Edison Rex will be serialized a page at a time, twice weekly from the start, eventually catching up to Edison Rex #18, which is published this week via Comixology.

The creative team has also launched a Patreon to help cover the costs involved in creating Edison Rex in a more timely manner, as the most recent issues have suffered heavy delays with a gap of two years between Edison Rex #16 and #17. With the new publishing model, Roberson and Culver hope to open up the series to a new audience, and perhaps provide the means to create many more Edison Rex tales for years to come.

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