Here's a fun fact about me: My dad once told me that he was late for work every day for a year because I refused to leave the house until MASK was over. Clearly, that show was my entire, all-consuming jam circa 1986, and even though I'm pretty excited about seeing a rebuilt IDW universe that involves GI JoeTransformers, MicronautsAction Man and ROM The Space Knight all coming together, the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand is the one that's really got me hooked.

And now, we're finally starting to see it come together --- and folks attending September's Granite State Comic Con in  Manchester, New Hampshire are going to get a pretty awesome look at it in the form of Ben Bishop's awesome variant cover for Revolution #1.

Just for the record, here's who we're looking at on this one:

  • Soundwave, from Transformers, the big blue occasional boombox.
  • Laserbeak, a part-time cassette tape who lives in Soundwave's chest.
  • Zartan, Cobra's master of disguise from GI Joe, best known for having a color changing action figure and for leading a group of bikers who are definitely Australian despite living in Florida.
  • The Manta, my personal favorite car from MASK, a purple '85 Nissan 300ZX that can turn into an airplane with laser beam headlights. In the original series, it was driven by Vanessa "Not Quite The Baroness" Warfield
  • The Jackhammer, an armored back Ford Bronco with a pop-up missile launcher, driven by bare-knuckle boxer Cliff "Blaster" Dagger.
  • The Piranha, a motorcycle that is also a submarine, driven by Sly "Wrecker" Rax.
  • And a few other MASK vehicles floating around in the background.

If you're heading to GSCC, Bishop will be in attendance himself, so definitely check out his work.

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