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Set in a distant future where warfare is a way of life, a strange Lovecraftian creature appears to make things even worse for everybody. That description is just about all we have to go on with respect to Black Sky, a forthcoming "illustrated film" created and designed by the esteemed Ben Templesmith (30 Day of Night, Choker) and directed by Matt Pizzolo. Halo-8 Entertainment released the first teaser this week, which demonstrates some of what Templesmith fans can expect when the artist's work is animated and set to music (in this case, Nine Inch Nails music). Also planned to be released as a comic book, Black Sky is a project that Pizzolo hopes will define the difference between existing drawings ported to the "motion comic" format and original, specially made "illustrated films."

Check out the Black Sky teaser after the jump.

In an official release about the project, Pizzolo elaborated on the "illustrated film" distinction.

"The difference between an illustrated film and a motion comic is kind of the difference between a movie that was shot in 3D versus a movie that was shot in 2D but got a 3D post-conversion. We're not repurposing an existing comic book here, we're building something unique from scratch."

Pizzolo recommends those curious about the technique to check out his 70-minute film Godkiller on Hulu. Alternatively, you can watch a one-minute sizzle reel below.

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