Between the premiere of the new "Twilight" movie, the "Curse of the Mutants" storyline launching in the X-Men tomorrow, and the thousand other stories, comics and goddamn cell phone commercials about vampires that sprout up every time you kick over a rock, one could be forgiven for feeling a little weary of the mythical bloodsucking monsters, who have managed to supplant zombies as the favorite overused trope in comics of the moment.

Regardless, we would be completely remiss if this glut kept us from recognizing how cool Ben Templesmith's original cover of "Bram Stoker's Dracula" is -- and when we say cover, we mean actual cover; it's physically attached to a paperback copy of the book, which is currently on sale at eBay. You may remember Templesmith's vampires from the comic "30 Days of Night," which was notable both because Hollywood turned it into a movie, and because it featured vampires that actually looked scary. If you'd like a shot at his equally freaky "Dracula" book, the auction runs for the next four days. Check out more photos after the jump!

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