Marvel Comics' wave of announcements for its post-Civil War II line-up keeps on trucking with news of four more ongoing series with high-profile creative teams that give us a peek at the new Marvel NOW. As part of the new status quo, Carol Danvers is more popular than ever, there's a new Iron Man who isn't Riri Williams, Thanos is getting his shot at a title, and we finally get that new Jessica Jones series we've been waiting a year for.


Alex Maleev


Firstly, announced via ComicBookResources, Infamous Iron Man sees Brian Michael Bendis re-teaming with his International Iron Man collaborator Alex Maleev as Victor Von Doom take on the mantle of the Armored Avenger in Tony Stark's absence, and attempts to right his past wrongs by committing to being a superhero.

Yes, it's pretty much exactly what Lex Luthor is doing in the Superman books, and also kind of Superior Spider-Man without the body-swap.


Dave Johnson


Next up, announced via The Hollywood Reporter, young adult novelist Margaret Stohl takes over a new volume of Captain Marvel alongside The Astonishing Ant-Man's Ramon Rosanas. The new series sees Carol Danvers thrust into the worldwide spotlight like never before following the conflict of Civil War II, with people still split over whether she is a hero or a tyrant.

Stohl is perhaps best known for co-writing the YA novel Beautiful Creatures but also recently wrote the Black Widow novel Forever Red, which brought her to the attention of editor Sana Amanat.


David Mack


Announced today via, Brian Michael Bendis reunites with Alias collaborators Michael Gaydos and cover artist David Mack for a new ongoing Jessica Jones series that sees everyone's favorite foul-mouthed private investigator coming out of semi-retirement in a story where her life is already radically altered. Readers will slowly learn how and why over the course of the series.


Jeff Dekal


Finally, CBR again has the exclusive on a new ongoing series starring the mad titan Thanos, courtesy of writer Jeff Lemire, artist Mike Deodato, and cover artist Jeff Dekal. The series will not attempt to rehabilitate the famous villain, who Lemire describes as "Marvel's Darth Vader," but instead recount his latest attempts to amass devastating power. The series will feature appearances by both Thanos's sometime lieutenants The Black Order, and his Eternal family, including his brother Starfox.