It seems as if Marvel is already looking to cast its 'Doctor Strange' movie and reportedly has Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy on its cast list.

According to Mike Fleming Jr. of Deadline, Marvel is eyeing both Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy for the 'Doctor Strange' movie, though it wasn't mentioned what roles they'd play. Though, dollars to donuts, they're probably eyed for the titular role of Doctor Strange, otherwise known as Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme who protects the earth from the supernatural with his own brand of magic. Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Scott Derrickson, director of films like 'Sinister,' 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' and 'Deliver Us From Evil,' will helm Doctor Strange.

This cast list hasn't been confirmed, but we'll let you know when more information about the 'Doctor Strange' film is released.

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