Marvel Comics knows how to scout new art talent, and Singapore-based artist Benjamin Ang is one of their better finds from 2011. He draws with the motion and animated depth of a Humberto Ramos, but his work also glistens with the manga-infused quirkiness of an Adam Warren.Whether he's creating an X-23 cover or an X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas brawl scene, Ang brings a ton of energy and sharp line-work to his figures. His portfolios at and deviantART will prop your eyelids open with his takes on Wolverine, Chun-Li and Wonder Woman.

If you happen to be one of those people who really enjoyed the Marvel Mangaverse comics, Ang is someone you should keep an eye on. His look falls somewhere between those books and the traditional character incarnations that you're more familiar with.

Oh, and he has also spliced Wolverine with Pikachu to create an adorable critter named "Wolverchu." You are not ready for this cuteness.