Back in June, I wrote about how excited I was to sit down with a stack of Benjamin Marra's Traditional Comics. There's just something about those lurid black-and-white adventures like Night Business that hits my nostalgia for both VHS-only action movies and the black and white indie boom of the '80s perfectly. I love 'em, and now, Marra has announced that he's adding another title to the Traditional roster, debuting at SPX in September.

It stars a pair of brothers who may in fact both be loosely inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and it's called Blades & Lazers, which I think we can all agree is the best title of all time.

Here's how Marra describes it himself:

Debuting at this year’s SPX, the first issue of BLADES & LAZERS. Published by Ian Harker’s bi-monthly risograph endeavor, SACRED PRISM, this issue introduces readers to the Gearson brothers. One a mute barbarian blade master. The other, a sweet-talking las-slinger. Together they kidnap wizards to summon and slay Galacto-Demons. The brains and hearts of the Galacto-Demons are a tremendous resource amongst the planets of The Periphery and the Gearson’s are the best Galacto-Demon hunters in all the Inter-Galaxies.

If the title hadn't already sold me on it, "the best Galacto-Demon hunters in all the Inter-galaxies" would've done it.

There's a preview too, although due to certain states' restrictions on the import of complete radness (lookin' at you here, Texas), we can only show you one page:






If you're going to SPX on September 14th, please grab me one of these. If you're not, don't worry: You can pre-order it directly from Marra right now.

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