Wildly popular writer Marguerite Bennett, known for Insexts, DC Comics Bombshells, Animosity, and more, has a horror anthology one shot coming out tomorrow from A Wave Blue World. Ghastly Tales features three stories by Bennett and artist Varga Tomi.

Bennett and Tomi first teamed for a story called "In the Night, Mountains Grew," for the Broken Frontier anthology. Ghastly Tales features that story as well as two new ones: "Cider" is a story about moonshiners in 1930, while "Koi" is about the revenge of a woman who is cast aside after her reputation is ruined.

Ghastly Tales has a very limited print run, but it will be available digitally on Comixology September 7.


"Cider" art by Varga Tomi
"In the Night, Mountains Grew" art by Varga Tomi
"Koi" art by Varga Tomi


From the official press release:

An Alaskan ranger, a maiden scorned, a family of bootleggers; all cling desperately to the things in life they hold most dear… and woe is the fate of those who mean it harm.

After their story "In the Night, Mountains Grew" (part of the Broken Frontier Anthology released earlier this year) received so much praise, Marguerite Bennett (Bombshells, Insexts) and artist Varga Tomi didn’t want their collaboration to end there. That’s why they teamed-up for 2 new stories, "Koi" and "Cider" to put alongside the re-presenting of “In the Night, Mountains Grew” in a brand new one-shot collection containing a trio of terrifyingly twisted tales.

While Ghastly Tales will have a worldwide digital release through ComiXology, the print run is limited to only 400 copies and was not solicited through the direct market. Instead, publisher A Wave Blue World worked with retailers who’ve supported their books in the past to make the one-shot available in select locations across the U.S.

Current retailers stocking Ghastly Tales include: Books With Pictures, Bridge City Comics, Cosmic Monkey, Excalibur Comics, Floating World and Future Dreams (all in Portland, OR), Mission: Comics & Art (San Francisco, CA), Twilite Comics (Baltimore, MD), East Side Mags (Montclaire, NJ), and Escape Pod Comics (Huntington, NY)

Copies of Ghastly Tales are also available through the publisher’s website, where signed copies by both Marguerite Bennett & Varga Tomi can be purchased as well. These come with a certificate of authenticity and are numbered to only 30 copies!