In the process of writing my article about muscles vs curves, and how the big dudes of superhero comics typically fail to represent the tastes of most androphile women, I gathered a collection of images and recommended artists from my correspondents that illustrate the sort of art they'd love to see more of -- but which there's sadly very little of compared to all the T&A fan-service targeted at straight men.

I had far too many recommendations to put in the article, so I've compiled the collection (and a few personal favorites) into a very special one-off post. The collection includes pin-ups, fan art, sketches, and some traditional superhero art from artists who aren't afraid to put a little male eye candy in their work!

Nightcrawler by Craig Hamilton


Nightwing by Marcio Takara

Nightwing by Marcio Takara


Vega by Jo Chen

Vega by Jo Chen


Captain America by Olivier Coipel


Noh-Varr by Annie Wu


Gambit by Clay Mann


Shang-Chi by Michael McDaniel


Ultimate Wolverine by Brandon Peterson



Captain Britain by Alan Davis



Art by J. Bone


Punisher by Marco Checchetto


Daken by Kevin Wada


Cap and Bucky by HamletMachine

Cap and Bucky by HamletMachine


The Scorpion by Enrico Marini


Nightwing by Stjepan Sejic



Mister Terrific by Cully Hamner


Batman by ShinigamiAmon


Nightcrawler by Phil Noto


Young Loki by WantsToBelieve


Robin by George Pérez


Nate Grey by Jorge Molina


Captain America by Gerald Parel


Colossus by Rick Leonardi


Nightwing by Nicola Scott

Connor Kent by Francis Manapul


Eden Fesi by Stefano Caselli


Hawkeye by David Aja


Black Panther by Kreugen


Wolverine and Mystique by Jacopo Camagni


Jaeger Ayers by Adam Warren


Marko by Fiona Staples



Star-Lord by Sara Pichelli


Noh-Varr by Jamie McKelvie



Tim and Kon by Marcus To


Colossus by John Bolton



Catman by Dale Eaglesham


Hawkeye by Mike Mayhew