We make a regular practice at ComicsAlliance of spotlighting particular artists or specific bodies of work, but because cartoonists, illustrators and their fans share countless numbers of great images on sites like Flickr, Tumblr, DeviantArt and seemingly infinite art blogs that we’ve created Best Art Ever (This Week), a weekly depository for just some of the pieces of especially compelling artwork that we come across in our regular travels across the Web. Some of it’s new, some of it’s old, some of it’s created by working professionals, some of it’s created by future stars, some of it’s created by talented fans, and some of it’s endearingly silly. All of it’s awesome.


We’re very much interested to see what you’ve dug up and think should be featured here in Best Art Ever (This Week). Please submit any great art links to andy-at-comicsalliance.com. Artists, feel free to send in your own work or to request that your work be removed.

Where possible, please visit these artists’ websites to see more of their work, buy their products or commission an original piece.

Cloak and Dagger by Kenneth Rocafort from the collection of Jeff Morris




Battling Boy by Daniel Warren Johnson




Red Sonja by Amy Reeder




"Plague of Crows" by Robert Wilson IV




The Jokers by Marco D'Alfonso




Elektra by Mike Del Mundo




Wonder Women by Jaime Hernandez




Feyd-Rautha/Sting by Bill Sienkiewicz




Art by Sergio Toppi




"The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum" poster art by Andrzej Krajewski




Silver Age Green Lantern and Green Arrow (from Legends of the DC Universe #7) by Hugh Fleming




Nightwing and Bat-Mite by Ramon Villalobos




Starwatcher by Moebius




Superman by Mike Wieringo




Robin by Chris Samnee




Catwoman by Cameron Stewart




"The Best of Yesterday" by Will Eisner




"Short Peace" poster by Katsuhiro Otomo




The Wild Cat by Ishinomori Shotaro




Daenerys Targaryen by Babs Tarr




Art by Kit Mun




Wolverine by Belhoula Amir




Supergirl by Des Taylor




Superman/Batman by Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines




Lost's Sayid/Naveen Andrews by J. Scott Campbell




Silver Surfer by Esad Ribic




Madman by Chris Bachalo




Avengers by Kris Anka




"Slave to Fashion" by Orlando Arocena




Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot vs. Tetsujin 28-Go by Geof Darrow




Lois Lane Amy Adams by Phil Noto




Catwoman by Adam Hughes




Justice League v Dragonball by Pe-u




Starman Jack Knight by Rafael Albuquerque




Jubilee and Robin Carrie Kelly by Noelle Stevenson




Zatanna Sophie Diao







Art by Hugh Ferriss




Preacher by Steve Dillon




Art by Bruce Timm

Thanos by Eric Canete